Naked Tattoo Guy, WTF?!

Naked Tattoo Guy, is above all a completely crazy musician who has a joyful disregard for the rules dictated by the society in which we live. His music is half rock, half electro and totally off the wall and would be at home in a Tim Burton movie. Imagine Mr Jack on LSD – that’s the phantasmagorical universe of Naked Tattoo Guy.

Naked Tattoo Guy couldn’t care less about rules, starting with musical rules. Why be conventional when you can be much more of a dumb ass than the average guy? He’s working hard at it and hopes to become the King of dumb asses. His motto is simple: “False notes are those that aren’t played.” With that as his starting principle, Naked Tattoo Guy is free to do what he likes and so he does.

But why play music in your birthday suit? Just to get things straight we should clarify a little. It’s not so much that it suits the music but it does suit the musician (as much as anything is ever suitable). Got it?

In short, Naked Tattoo Guy has loads of tattoos and what’s the point of tattoos if you’re just going to hide them? Now there’s a good question! NTG decided to lay himself bare – literally – and show you what he’s made of. And another thing – it’s much better from a hygiene point of view. Do you know what your privates smell like, especially under a rubber after a day’s work? They smell musty, they make the eyes sting and you could use the juice to unblock the sink in your bathroom. Working with his tackle out, Naked Tattoo Guy keeps the family jewels dry and sweat-free, leaving him smelling (almost) as fresh as a daisy. You never know what the future has in store so you should be prepared for every event. By the way, has he ever told you about his cock?

With his first album Shit Music Only, Naked Tattoo Guy decided to tackle the most important issues facing society such as ‘freaks’, fist-fucking, the right of pinworms to marry, your neighbours camel toe and even escort girls who demand 200 quid for a mere a spanking. Now we just need to see whether Naked Tattoo Guy is a poet or a pipsqueak!

When it comes to instruments, Naked Tattoo Guy plays guitar with two left feet, piano with his two index fingers and a range of other daft instruments such as the theremin, the musical saw, the AlphaSphere, the laser harp, the violin guitar and the Warr guitar etc. For music to be good, it must first and foremost be great to look at…