What is the VIP Gold Club?

The VIP Gold Club is open to all those who have had Naked Tattoo Guy’s logo tattooed somewhere on their body. Anyone who gets the tattoo can become a member of the VIP Gold Club.


What are the advantages of the VIP Gold Club?

As a member, you will receive a copy of all up-coming Naked Tattoo Guy albums before their official release. You will also receive gifts from Naked Tattoo Guy from time to time. A photo of your tattoo will also be displayed in the “VIP Gold Card Holders” gallery and in the Facebook album of the same name.


How can I join the VIP Gold Club?

It’s really simple. Just get the Naked Tattoo Guy logo tattooed somewhere on your body. Once the tattoo is done, send a photo of it to Naked Tattoo Guy along with your contact details (they won’t be published), your name and the name of the shop where you got your tattoo.


Where do I find the Naked Tattoo Guy logo?

Click here to see the NTG logo. A new page will open and you just need to right click on the image, then select “save as” to download the logo onto your computer.


What size should the tattoo be?

Any size you like. You can make it small or huge. As a general rule, the minimum size for a tattoo is 5 centimetres. Any smaller and the tattoo will be too small to include all the details leaving you with a tattoo that looks something like a sketch. Ideally, you should have a tattoo with an average diameter of at least 10 centimetres (but this is a guideline not a rule).


Where should I place the tattoo?

You can place it anywhere you like. Some go for a traditional spot (the calf, the ankle, the thigh or the arm), but you could also get it somewhere more original such as on your bum, your privates, your armpit, your chest, your back, your hand or your neck. Knock yourself out and remember, it’s just a tattoo after all…


What if I regret getting the tattoo?

Anyone who has a tattoo will tell you – you never regret a tattoo. Over time, the tattoo becomes a symbol reminding you of a period or time in your life. That said, it’s a fairly easy pattern to cover should you need to do so. But on the other hand that isn’t the point of a tattoo…


When will I get my membership card?

Once Naked Tattoo Guy’s posted the photo of your tattoo in the “VIP Gold Card Holders” section and on Facebook, he will send your VIP Gold Club Card straight to you. It should come through in the post after a few days. Each card is unique, personal and numbered. The VIP Gold Club card is reserved solely for those with a tattoo of the NTG logo.


Is there a VIP Platinum Club?

Yes a VIP Platinum Club does exist and members have the privilege of receiving their own, numbered Platinum card with their name engraved on it. The difference between this and the Gold card is that the Platinum card is given to anyone who buys a Night of Sex with Naked Tattoo Guy. Obviously, for discretion and confidentiality reasons, the names and photos of these members will not be published. The VIP Platinum Club is currently one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.