Teaser   “Shit Music Only”

Just to give you a little foretaste of what’s inside the Shit Music Only album, Naked Tattoo Guy put together a mix of a few clips from various tracks while he was in the recording studio. In order of appearance you will hear clips from Love Decadence, Domina Dominus, Pinworm Wedding, Fist Connection, Fairy Life and I Saw Your Camel Toe. Whether he’s starkers on stage, recording voices with his head inside a microwave or simply playing the ballerina in a café, here is the crazy world of Naked Tattoo Guy…


Boudou is the first track on the Shit Music Only album. It all started with a joke but one that eventually led to the Naked Tattoo Guy project. This version is a little different from the one you’ll find on the CD because this is the original version before NTG went into the studio. Aside from airing his privates, the aim was also to use a whole load of unusual instruments such as the AlphaSphere, the Warr guitar, a musical saw and several multiple-neck guitars. Could you learn the lyrics by heart?