Shit Music Only

Beginners may find Naked Tattoo Guy’s lyrics are not very explicit! For sure not everyone gets the grunts and onomatopoeia and yet every track has meaning! Music described as ‘instrumental’ conveys emotions just as lyrics can do. Listen to the music with your eyes closed and try to create your own story for each of the tracks. They aim to be introspective; they carry their own meaning for Naked Tattoo Guy, but can also tell your own tale in which the mood and the notes chosen are just as valid as any words that could have accompanied them.

Do you want to know what NAKED TATTOO GUY’s music is like?

The easiest way would be to listen to it wouldn’t it?

You can listen to three tracks in full, then at the bottom of the page you will find a player so you can hear a 30 second clip from each of the tracks on Shit Music Only.


“Welcome The Monster”

In a way this track may transport you into a very Tim Burton-esque world with its captivating, sinister soundscape…

Shit Music Only

Just below, you can listen to  a 30 second clip from each of the tracks on Shit Music Only.

Click on “View Track List” to select the extract.


“Fist Connection”

Getting to the heart of the matter, like a badly-aimed punch, or well-aimed depending on your taste. Either way this may sting a little – you might need a bit of J-Lube for the ears…

“Love Decadence”

Did you ever go through that stage in your childhood where you had to check under your bed twice to make sure there weren’t any monsters hiding under it before you could go to sleep? The same caution should be adopted when embarking on any love affair…


“Pinworm Wedding”

We are egotistical and think only of ourselves! Why can’t we legalise marriage between intestinal parasites? Even they have a right to love…

“Fairy Life”

Paradise isn’t always as we imagine it to be. Pedobear is never far away… Either way your children aren’t in any danger if they are under 18!

“Burning Stake”

Last night you had a dream. At least you were dreaming… Was it a dream or were you awake? Everyone knows that feeling when the sheets are soaked in sweat. That given, you accept the two possibilities and begin exploring a violent world…